What do you do if you have your own cable network, millions of dollars, your own vodka and clothing brands and a successful track record as a go to hit maker? Easy, you make another album. P Diddy…excuse me…Puff Daddy is back with another single from his latest “MMM” project. The cut is called “Workin” and is, in a word, workin’. According to DJ Booth the production duties were handled by Key Wayne, Hit Boy and Young Chop and though it’s a big departure from Diddy’s classic sound from the 90’s, it’s got the potential to heat up radio and the nightclubs. As most of today’s hip-hop music, “Workin” relies heavily on an 808 kick drum with lots of sustain serving as the core baseline for the song with an eerie keyboard riff that sounds like it was lifted from a horror flick. But what really grabs your attention is Diddy’s slow flow. He manages to ride the beat perfectly with a smooth delivery and witty rhyme content reminiscent of Black Robs “Whoa”. Diddy’s performance on the song won’t put him in your “best emcees of all time” list, but I don’t think that’s what he was shooting for. In fact, the magic of “Workin” is in its overall simplicity and listen-ability. The legendary Hype Williams directed thee sparse, dance video and again…simplicity is key. Press play and listen for yourself and grab the “MMM” project in advance of “No Way Out 2”. And as always…leave comments below.