So while you were eating turkey and saying what you were thankful for over carb heavy meals with lots of cheese…ummmm cheese…we were being thankful for a new offering from the Blast Master himself. KRS One blessed us with “Drugs Won,” the debut single from his first album since 2012’s “The BDP Album.” Produced by his son DJ Predator Prime, “Drugs Won” boasts a sparse drum track with a heavy bass line and a synth hit the provides the proper amount of tension to underscore KRS’s lyrical delivery. The song thematically deals with the ever evolving mentality towards marijuana in this country and the failure and hypocrisy of the 1980’s war on drugs. This is the KRS that we have come to know and love with a reggae inspired hook and that voice that demands the attention of everyone listening. This is indeed the return of the boom bap. Press play and listen for yourself and grab “Now Hear This” out now. And as always…leave comments below.