Life gets busy. I mean really busy. It gets hard to take a moment to reach out to my fam let alone take time to listen to new music. I mean really…who wants to invest time into something that might turn out to be wack. Do yourself a favor (like I did) and take three minutes and twenty-seven seconds to listen to this new joint from saxophonist Jaleel Shaw featuring none other than Dres from Black Sheep and Evitan. The cut is called “Flight (Energy)” and frankly is quite possibly the smoothest cut I’ve heard in years. If someone threw neo-soul, jazz, spoken word and hip-hop in a blender and set it on pulse, this is what would come out. The sax and keys work is top notch for my hardcore musicians and Dres, quite possibly one of the most under rated emcees of his era, spits a verse that takes you through a night in the life of a man looking to make a change in his energy. The visuals are basic but powerful and match the mood of the song perfectly! This is a must listen (I’ve played it about 5 times already while doing this review) so press play and listen for yourself…you won’t be sorry. And as always…leave comments below.