Let’s start this by saying you’re welcome. Because maybe, just maybe if you hadn’t stumbled across this on social media you may not have heard this new gem from De La Soul. This is what it sounds like when the pros pick up the mic (read that in your best Pos tone and cadence). Let’s get into it – Plugs One and Two never disappoint on the mic so let’s not spend a ton of time saying how lyrically adept they are and instead spend some time on the track. We reported several weeks ago that De La teamed up with a live band for their latest efforts and it’s sooo evident with the crisp snares and deep, punchy kicks that they only sought out the best for their latest offering “Royalty Capes.” The cut is driven by…well…royalty inspired horns to herald the return of three of the best to ever do it. The mid-tempo cut is nothing less than a head bobber that makes you long for the days when hip-hop was musical, lyrical AND fun! Enough of what I think, press play, take a listen and grab “the Anonymous Nobody” when it drops. Until then, put “Royalty Capes” on repeat and leave your opinions below.

P.S. – If this doesn’t quench your De La thirst, hit their YouTube channel and peep ALL their latest tracks. In a word…dope.