Of all the emcees that I expected to hear on a record, Daddy O wasn’t one of them…but I’m happy it happened. The Stetsasonic front man is back with an offering from his latest album “The Odad, The Gun, And The Children”. The cut is called “Blood Got Shot (Now the Blues Got Me) and the hip-hop pioneer uses his trademark powerful voice to deliver weighty stories about law enforcement violence and brutality while the visuals feature video and images of African Americans killed by police. The beats are just what you would expect from Daddy O keeping the old boom bap sound of hip-hop alive and kicking. If you’re looking for a dance floor heater then this isn’t for you, but if you are looking for a bit of nostalgia with message (which we don’t hear much in hip-hop these days), then this should be right up your alley. Press play and form your own opinion and leave comments below.