No 808 kick drum, no autotune, and no guest appearances but yet this joint is still hot. New Jersey emcee Redman is back giving everyone a taste of his latest full length project “Mudface” in the form of the Rick Rock produced single – “Dopeman”. Probably one of the most under rated emcees of all time, Red doesn’t disappoint with his well articulated, well enunciated flow atop a mid-tempo track. The beat is reminiscent of classic hip-hop with a non-complex drum track devoid of the over used 808 kick drum that has become all the rage in the current hip-hop scene, underneath a piano bass note, lead and role that provides a pretty open canvas for Redman’s attention demanding vocal tone. As mentioned before, the cut is the first taste from his forthcoming “Mudface” LP due out soon. Oh, and we didn’t forget about the crazy visuals that Red put down to get Youtube views and draw attention to his latest offering. Press play and watch it for yourself, and snag the “Mudface” project when it drops. And as always…leave comments below.