CeeLo Dodges a Bullet Only to be Hit with Charges

Several weeks ago it was reported that a young woman accused Goodie Mob member and the Voice judge CeeLo of slipping ecstasy in her drink and nonconsensual sexual contact. He was charged with sexual battery, but LA county prosecutors were reluctant to file charges due to a lack of evidence, and probably because it was discovered that the two had been in a relationship for some time. However, CeeLo is not out of hot water just yet. It was revealed that the Atlanta rapper had provided ecstasy to the woman which prompted the DA to file the felony charge of furnishing a controlled substance. Having been cleared of the rape charge, CeeLo posted a $30,000 bail and is set to appear in court on November 30th. If convicted he could face up to four years in prison, but it is likely that he will escape with probation since this is his first offense.

Alleged Racial Profiling In Barneys Case Causing Pressure For Jay Z

Guilty by association has taken on new meaning. Mogul Jay-Z is under fire for his association with New York based retailer Barney’s after two African American youths were stopped by police after shopping at the high end department store. Twenty-one year old Kayla Phillips who used her income tax return to buy a $2,500 hand bag and 19 year old Trayon Christian who saved his money to purchase a $350 belt were accused by police of credit card fraud. Both were investigated and it was discovered that they were guilty of no wrong doing. In the wake of this scandal, a petition has been circulated calling for an immediate severance of Jay-Z’s ties with the company. Jay is scheduled to partner with the retail giant on their “A New York Holiday” collection with proceeds going to his Shawn Carter Foundation non-profit which provides scholarships for needy students. Both Jay-Z and Barneys have issued statements and Barneys has launched a thorough investigation into the mater employing civil rights expert Michael Yaki. As of now, the Jay-Z/Barneys deal is moving forward and plans of a boycott headed by Reverend Al Sharpton is in the works.

Jimmy Henchman Headed to Prison for Heading $11,000,000 a Year Drug Trafficking Ring

You may not know his name, but you know his work. He has managed the Game, Rick Ross, Shyne and Sheek helped produce works from Salt N Pepa and Groove Theory, pushed out the popular soundtracks for the movies Exit Wounds and Romeo Must Die and launched the How Can I Be Down music convention. Now music industry executive James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemand is headed to prison for life for overseeing an $11 million a year cocaine trafficking business. He still faces charges of conspiracy to murder an associate of rapper 50 Cent and admitted to setting up the 1994 shooting and attempted robbery of Tupac Shakur.